In December 2018, Microsoft announced its Edge browser based on the Chromium codebase. Along with the announcement, the Company also declared that it would be foregoing the development of its own browser.

Now, slightly a year after the announcement, Microsoft has made the browser available to download for both Windows and Mac. This browser is quite similar to Google Chrome since it is based on the Chromium open-source project.

Users who are running on Windows 10 will get the browser as part of an upgrade in upcoming months. Microsoft has stated that the migration process will start in the forthcoming weeks. Meanwhile,  those who cannot wait and want to download the new browser can visit this site.

Microsoft Edge comes with support for password sync, favorites, setting across devices and will feature Bing as the default search engine. In order to encourage users to use Bing instead of Google, Microsoft has also added a reward system. Users will get reward points by Bing just for searching. Apart from this, the browser will be equipped with built-in collections as well as a set of learning and accessibility tools. Moreover, for all those internet explorer enthusiasts (if there are any), it will be incorporated as an integral part of Edge.

The first stable build of this new browser is called Microsoft Edge 79 since the Company has decided to go with Chromium versioning. It will be updated in a few weeks.