Intel has always been the most dominant chipmaker in the market, but AMD has been slowly chipping away at its share over the years. It has gotten to a point where 41% of the total PC gamer community is now using AMD processors in their systems.

The news comes from a new survey conducted by Jon Peddie Research in collaboration with Wccftech. It was a worldwide survey of PC gamers based on the millions of viewers that visit Wccftech. The survey included questions about consumers’ current hardware, market attitudes, and future buying plans.

41% of the total respondents revealed that they were using AMD’s chips and also planned to buy more AMD hardware in the future.

While AMD’s results are indeed impressive, it should be noted that the results only came from a small sample of a tech website’s viewers. Wccftech is a tech website, meaning that the results were mostly from tech enthusiasts so it is likely not representing the mainstream gamer community.

However, AMD proving to be popular among gaming enthusiasts and tech fans is still a cause for concern for Intel as it clearly shows that team red is growing its market share. They’ve had a great run recently and it’ll be interesting to see what Intel comes up with to stop their relentless advance.