Xiaomi’s list of smart products keeps growing day by day. Their portfolio of smart products largely consists of home appliances and they are now adding yet another product to it called the SmartMi Air Conditioner A.

The air conditioner comes in two different versions varying in power usage, both of which are dedicated to beat energy efficiency standards of the industry. The product has an APF (annual performance factor) higher than the Chinese average performance factor, which when evaluated, makes the air conditioner 20% more power-efficient than other iterations in the competition. This was all thanks to a new DC frequency conversion motor.

Additionally, the Chinese government also passed new energy efficiency standards during July 2019. These standards have gone into effect now as the world’s strictest energy efficiency standards that surpass the ones found in the US.

As a smart product, the AC can also be controlled through voice commands, the Xiao AI assistant, and also through a phone app.

The 1 ton model for the Xiaomi Smartmi Air Conditioner A is available in China for $333, whereas the 1.5-ton variant is going for $391. There is no word on international availability yet.