This year, at the MWC 2020 in Barcelona, Vivo will be showcasing an APEX concept phone again. This makes it Vivo’s third year in a row. News of the new Apex phone showcasing surfaced on the internet recently when an invite sent to a media partner was leaked. This invite sent out by the Company came with the “Empower the Next” slogan.

Vivo Teases its Apex 2020 Concept Phone

Vivo’s Apex concept phones are one of the highlights at the MWC every year. The first Apex concept phone was showcased in 2018 and was the first smartphone to come with an in-display fingerprint sensor. The technology did not make it to commercial smartphones until 2019.

The next Apex phone showcased in 2019 came with an in-display fingerprint sensor that worked anywhere within the display. This technology has not yet been featured in any of the commercial smartphones though. Moreover, the concept phones featured a body without any holes and the display is almost bezel-less.

This year, we are expecting Vivo to come up with something even more innovative. Looking at the trend, Vivo will do something new with the fingerprint sensor.

The Mobile World Congress is less than two months away and will bring a lot of new stuff our way. Stay tuned for more updates.