Lenovo has launched a G-shock-like Ego smartwatch in India, specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts. The smartwatch is loaded with health-centric features yet comes at a reasonable price tag of $28.

As far as the fitness wearable category is concerned, Lenovo is on a roll as of late. Only a few weeks ago, the company launched its Lenovo Carme smartwatch offering several sporty appeals.

Design and Display

The smartwatch has been designed for users who prefer a standard watch design with smartwatch features. The Lenovo Ego smartwatch has a rugged appearance and looks pretty bulky despite being lightweight. It only weighs 45 grams.

The watch comes with highlighted compass direction markers, but unlike Casio’s G-shock, they are only for show. It looks like Lenovo is offering a low-cost alternative to the G-shock series. As far as the strap is concerned, it comes with a disappointingly frugal plastic strap that does not look very durable.

Lenovo Ego smartwatch is designed around a 1.6-inch monochrome digital display that is easy to view under the sun. For viewing in the dark, it comes with a backlight. The watch face displays time, date, heart rate, and tracking stats.

Other Specifications

Apart from the monochrome display, the smartwatch features 5ATM waterproof, everyday activity tracking, heart rate tracking, workout monitoring, stop-watch, swim tracking, alarm clock, remote camera shutter, and sleep tracking.

On top of this, it comes with a magnetic charger and works with both iOS and Android via Bluetooth. According to Lenovo, once charged, the watch is good to go for at least 20 days.

Once connected to the smartphone, the watch can notify users about calls, emails, text messages, and application notifications via different vibration patterns.