Korean automaker Hyundai is partnering with Uber to produce a flying car for an air-taxi service. They teased the flying car concept last month and have now showcased a full-scale prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Hyundai’s S-A1 Air Taxi will carry 4 passengers alongside a pilot, but they are planning to make it fully autonomous in the future. It will have a maximum cruising speed of 290 km/h and will be able to fly 1000-2000 feet high for up to 96 kilometers.

It features multiple rotors that can shift to different angles to suit the air taxi’s needs. The smaller rotors will help reduce noise, which is going to be crucial inside cities.

The aircraft is, of course, equipped with safety measures as well. If one of the propellers fails, the others are designed to take over as backup. There will also be parachutes in the cabin if all else fails.

Since these aircraft will be a part of Uber’s air taxi service, passengers will be able to book flights through their apps, but there are no details on that just yet. These rides will be “affordable for everyone” according to Uber. We’ll have to wait and see how that turns out.

Uber says that test flights will start in 2020 and the project will become fully commercial in 2023.