Masimo, an American manufacturer of noninvasive patient monitoring technologies and it’s subsidiary Cercacor Laboratories have filled a lawsuit against Apple for stealing their secret trademark information. Reportedly, the Cupertino approached Masimo as a business partner but ended up hiring its employees including the current Vice President of Apple’s health technology department, Michael O’Reilly.

Masimo and Cercacor have claimed that Apple is using the technology to overcome performance issues with its smartwatches. They have accused the Cupertino of multiple counts of infringement among ten different patents. In the accusation, Masimo has pointed out the Apple Watch 4 and Apple Watch 5 as the main devices behind the patent infringement.

Apart from the underlying reasons behind the lawsuit, none of the companies have revealed anything. All we know is that Masimo and Cercacor are looking for orders that will prevent any further usage of their patents. Other than this, we don’t know the specified amount of damages that Masimo and Cercacor have reported. Moreover, no official announcements or statements have been made by Apple, so we don’t know their side of the story either. The company has been reached out for queries, so stay tuned for updates.