German luxury automaker BMW is partnering up with Samsung to produce the world’s first 5G powered electric SUV. The announcement was made during the ongoing CES 2020 event in collaboration with Samsung and its subsidiary Harman.

Mass production for the 5G powered BMW SUV is due halfway through 2021. Furthermore, the head of BMW’s engineering department, Klaus Fröhlich, has said that the technological advancement will soon spread out to the company’s entire lineup of vehicles. The integration will depend on the model and region where the vehicles are shipped.

BMW’s 5G vehicles will be powered by a built-in SIM card, eliminating the need for acquiring a 5G powered handset. Samsung and BMW are also working together to produce 5G components that will be integrated directly into the car’s electrical system. This is going to prove expensive for the company, but they are planning to recover it quickly by providing paid digital services to customers.

Since 5G enables groundbreaking internet speeds, this integration opens up a new door of possibilities for the company. It will enable in-car gaming through streaming media, virtual reality experiences, seamless online video streaming in 4K resolution, and much more. These services are expected to be a part of subscription packages that users will be able to unlock for a predetermined amount of time.

This is about all that is known about BMW’s 5G SUV so far, but more will be revealed as time goes by, stay tuned.