OnePlus Concept One, teased last week, has been finally unveiled by the BBK-owned OEM at the ongoing CES 2020. For the first time, OnePlus has come to CES to show off some new hardware. However, there’s a catch. You cannot buy the device. The device only lays down the groundwork for a practical and useful feature in the future.

The OnePlus Concept One is basically a OnePlus 7T Pro variant wrapped in McLaren’s signature Papaya Orange colored leather. The only exciting feature of this concept device is the disappearing camera. OnePlus has used a technology similar to the one used by McLaren in some of its sports cars.

OnePlus, in collaboration with McLaren has hidden the cameras behind an electrochromic glass that turns opaque when a current is applied. Apart from hiding the camera sensors when not in use, this glass also doubles as an ND filter for the camera. This means it blocks the light that would be too bright for the camera to capture.

The device was pretty much overhyped for incremental changes in the aesthetics of a previously launched phone and an added electrochromic glass. Even though the company is teasing a vision for the future, the device is nothing more than a mix of previously launched smartphone and some pleasing aesthetics, since OnePlus is not going to begin introducing the “Invisible Camera” in flagships anytime soon, at least we can’t be sure.

Optimized Charging feature

Apart from showcasing the Concept One device, OnePlus has also announced its optimized charging feature. OnePlus has taken some extra steps to ensure the phone’s battery health in the long run. The new optimized charging feature holds off on charging the smartphone’s battery to 100% until you need it. For example, in overnight charging, the phone will charge up to 80 percent instead of going up to 100 percent. The rest of the 20 percent will be pumped only 100 minutes before the user’s wakeup time based on the alarm the user has set.

The feature has been rolled out in last month’s beta Oxygen OS builds for the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. It can be enabled via the Battery Menu in Settings.