Several reports have surfaced on the internet suggesting that Huawei is looking to enter the domain of desktop computers.

The Chinese multinational technology company is already famous for its wide range of smartphones, and electronic products. Huawei’s Matebook laptops compete with some of the best ultrabooks in the market with their specifications and features.

Although Huawei has had developed desktop computers previously, those were designed to cater to the commercial needs of large enterprises.

If the reports are true, the upcoming computers will be Huawei’s first-ever desktop computers for ordinary consumers.

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A user on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website, mentioned that Huawei has started market research and surveys for its desktop computers. The company is inviting volunteers to share their views and expectations from Huawei.

The user also revealed that Huawei, based on market research and surveys conducted thus far, has developed several prototypes of its computers. One such prototype encloses a Kunpeng 920S processor, an indigenously designed processor from Huawei, and 64GB of RAM. There is also a dedicated graphics card in the prototype which suggests that there could be a gaming variant of the desktop computer as well.

Besides, the Shenzhen based company is also mulling over ramping up the production of its commercial computers to cater to the ever-increasing demand.

Do note that Huawei may face problems with using AMD/Intel processors and other hardware from US-based companies. This may introduce its own set of problems for Huawei as they won’t be able to support Windows.