Excitement and anticipation is high with major tech companies getting ready for the Consumer Electronics Show next week.

Last year, LG Display showcased its 65-inch television that rolls up from a brushed aluminum base dubbed the Signature Series OLED TV R. This time the company has announced that it will unveil a 65-inch UHD OLED display that rolls down from the ceiling.

Just like last year, this will not be the only TV showcased by the company but it certainly is the one consumers are looking forward to. The screen has been designed to maximize space and according to LG display it “can be pulled down when desired and rolled up when not in use,”

LG Director of New Product Development Tim Alessi says,

The first model of rollable OLED was designed to roll up only. Even if a professional were to figure out a way to hang it from the ceiling, there is no mechanism to re-orient the picture, so it would appear upside down. It’s also likely that mounting it from an 8-foot ceiling would result in the panel is too high for comfortable viewing anyway.

Tim makes it clear that the change was much more complicated than just flipping the previously announced roll-up TV upside down. The rest of the details will be unveiled at the CES. We still don’t know how LG display resolved the ceiling height issue.

Apart from this, LG has announced that it will be launching a number of other displays as well. These will include:

  • 55-inch OLED video walls (for airplane cabins).
  • 55-inch Full HD Transparent OLED display (it will act as a partition and a display).
  • 65-inch UHD Bendable OLED screen (for first-class airplane cabins).
  • 88-inch 8K Cinematic Sound OLED display with an 11.2 channel system.
  • 77-inch UHD Film Cinematic Sound and Wallpaper OLED with a wafer-thin screen.
  • Plastic OLED displays in a variety of sizes.
  • LG’s interactive in-TOUCH displays.

LG will also bring some non-display gadgets to the show