Many Chinese manufacturers have launched OLED smart TVs in 2019. However, Hisense, a Chinese multinational appliance and electronics manufacturer, exhibited its first OLED TV at the AWE exhibition in March last year and after 9 months, is ready to commercially launch its OLED smart TVs.

Even though the company is late to the market, Hisense claims that it has solved the burn-in issues that are pretty common with OLED TVs. Unfortunately, almost all OLEDs launched in 2019 faced a number of technical issues including after-images, burn-ins, insufficient brightness, color inaccuracies, etc.

However, Hisense promises that its OLED will not have burn-in issues since it has been designed using the company’s proprietary six-layer after image protection technology.

This new technology has added detail enhancement for color accuracy on top of the following features:

  • LEA-edge station logo monitoring and adjustment
  • Local brightness adjustment of static content in dynamic video
  • Brightness adjustment for still images
  • Overscan pixel shift technology
  • OFFRS function
  • JB function

Apart from this, the company has also achieved a 729-point accurate color correction thanks to its 3D color correction technology. According to Hisense, the OLED will come with a maximum brightness of 900 nits.

Hisense has promised a number of new features in its upcoming OLED smart TV. Let’s see if the Chinese manufacture is able to pull through with the claims it has made. Stay tuned for more updates.