The Korean tech giant Samsung seems to be going all out with the upcoming Galaxy S22 lineup in terms of accessories.

As we draw closer to February 2022, which is the expected launch date of the much-anticipated S22 series, we’re seeing more and more impressive features of the series. These are getting revealed through either leaks or teasers which are naturally keeping the fans on their toes.

The new leak by BOX UK lists a range of various official accessories for the Galaxy S22 lineup, with over 60 different items including impressive color options for all the upcoming phones.

Samsung Galaxy S22 to Get More Cases and Accessories Than Ever


With the Galaxy S22 and S22 + users will be able to choose from a wide range of covers e.g., Clear Covers, Clear Standing Covers, Frame Covers, Leather Covers, Protective Standing Covers, Silicon Covers (with or without strap), Smart Clear View Covers, Smart LED View Cover, and Gel Cases.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will also be included in this grand selection, excluding the Frame Covers. The specific collection at Box features 24 official case options for the vanilla S22, with 19 options for the S22 Ultra and 23 for the S22 Plus model.

Samsung Galaxy S22 to Get More Cases and Accessories Than Ever


Most of these listings at are not supported by any images yet, except for a few exceptions. The retailer has also received S-Pen replacements for the S22 Ultra in four different color variations – Green, Dark Red, White, and Black. These are expected to coincide with the color options of the phone and live up to the previous rumors.

Feature Image: LetsGoDigital