TECNO has launched its all-new Phantom X2 smartphone series globally, the pinnacle of luxury and technological advancements in smartphones. Two phones in this series are the Phantom X2 and Phantom X2 Pro.
The Phantom X2 series has sent shockwaves with its release in the global market. This is because this phone has cutting-edge technology and does not compromise its aesthetic design elements. The Phantom X2 is making its way into the Pakistani market soon and is anticipated to be launched early next year. The Phantom X2 being a premium product, this phone will give serious competition to its competitors in the Pakistani market.

TECNO is set to change the game with the launch of its new flagship device, Phantom X2

Aesthetic Design
The Phantom X2 has a double-curved design with unique geometric lines, and it is offered in exciting colors, which makes it look exciting and futuristic. Moreover, there is an environmentally friendly version of this device, in which the back cover is made entirely of recycled products. This means that environmentally conscious people enjoy this phone without compromising their values. The key feature of the retractable lens is aided by the 3.5D lunar craters, which are carved out in the body of the device so that the lens does not make it seem bulky.
Moreover, the phone has no sharp edges, and the grip is very ergonomic. The design is very user-friendly, providing the user with a holding angle of 71 degrees.

TECNO is set to change the game with the launch of its new flagship device, Phantom X2

Innovative Camera Unit
This feature is the star of the show. This new retractable lens allows for professional-level photography and similar Bokeh effects as a professional camera, which is why it has become insanely popular among photographers. This phone targets Pakistani Vloggers and Photographers, who would also like their primary camera to be their cell phone. The all-new Phantom X2 can compete with professional cameras due to its state-of-the-art camera technology.
The retractable lens in itself is a marvel of engineering. The 65mm lens offers 2.5x optical zoom and digital zoom. The aperture size is large at F1.49 and has a very shallow 18.9cm field depth. A large aperture size means that more light is getting in, which is vital for daytime shots and for getting the best possible lighting for your pictures. This shallow depth of field allows for fast focus and a fantastic optical Bokeh effect unmatched by its rivals!
The main camera unit of the Phantom X2 Pro lens features a 50MP lens with a 1/1.3” sensor, which is terrific. TECNO has pioneered nighttime photography for quite some time now. Hence, the super night mode of their flagship device, the Phantom X2 Pro, is unmatched!
The Phantom X2 is no joke either; it boasts a primary 64MP camera with an RGBW filter and 5P+1 lens. This allows it to capture and utilize white light and take fabulous pictures.
Smooth User experience

The TECNO Phantom X2 features one of the best chips on the market right now. The premium series comes with a MediaTek-powered Dimensity 9000 5G Chip, which makes this phone blazing fast. When this chip is combined with the octa-core system of this device, the possibilities are limitless.

The Phantom comes loaded with one of the best image signal processors on the market, capable of processing 9 billion pixels per second. This processor is called Imagiq 790 and makes the user experience silky smooth. Image processing, battery efficiency, photography, and other aspects of this device are unbeatable by the competition thanks to these powerful and state-of-the-art processors fitted to it.