Huawei is reportedly working on a clamshell smartphone similar to the likes of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Moto Razr 2019. An industry source from a Chinese manufacturer, Zhaoli Technology, has now shared more details on Huawei’s upcoming flip phone.

Chinese suppliers have revealed that Huawei is working on a next-generation hinge for the new device. The company has been working on this hinge for a while and is ready to launch a new smartphone.

The industry sources did not mention a name for confidentiality, but it is clear that they are talking about Huawei. The hinge is reportedly going to be simpler which will help bring the price down and also improve reliability.

There is no confirmation yet, but most reports have said that this new hinge will be equipped on a clamshell foldable. It is going to be a small unit with various color options to choose from. The Weibo post has also shared renders for the foldable, keep in mind these aren’t official by any means.

Huawei’s Upcoming Flip Phone to Feature a Simpler Hinge

Huawei’s clamshell phone will likely stay limited to China due to the US ban. Even then, it will be facing tough competition from the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series since it keeps getting cheaper and better in every generation. The Z Flip 3 in particular had sales of more than 10 million this year, which is quite the leap for a foldable smartphone.

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