Samsung Display, the company’s display-making wing, has launched a new microsite that is entirely dedicated to Samsung’s upcoming OLED display technology. This webpage will focus on different kinds of OLED displays that Samsung is working on with a dedicated section for foldable screen devices.

The new web page is quite a flashy and colorful sight, showcasing all sorts of different OLED screens for foldable smartphones, laptops, regular smartphones, and other products. There are not just images and animations, but also videos, reviews, and articles in different languages to showcase different types of screens.

Samsunug Showscases New Foldable Display Technology

This new OLED website will be used for highlighting news, insight, and industry trends, multimedia assets, product innovations, and more. The microsite is made to showcase Samsung Display’s growth and progress in the industry.

Samsunug Showscases New Foldable Display Technology

Samsung is currently one of the biggest display makers in the market and it aims to make the most of it. OLED displays are also starting to become more common as they become available in cheaper devices around the globe. They are also widely used in foldable phones, an emerging generation of smartphones that are only going to expand in the future.

Samsung Display also plans to host exhibition events in the future to showcase what’s to come.