A smartphone, in today’s time, is nothing short of a necessity. It is more than just a device which is why consumers need an all-rounder companion that can assist them with their daily tasks.

Understanding this changing need of the consumers, vivo is swiftly becoming one of the most popular brands amongst youth. Its latest addition to the Y series has been making headlines after a successful launch.

What makes this phone so incredible are the power-packed features of vivo Y21, such as the 5,000mAh battery supported with an 18W Fast Charge technology, an enormous memory capacity of 4GB +1GB Extended RAM, and 64GB ROM along with 1TB memory expansion along with MediaTek Helio P35 processor.

Capture Stunning Portraits

In terms of camera, vivo Y21 supports a 13MP main camera along with a 2MP macro camera, allowing users to capture everyday moments flawlessly. On the front, Y21 has an 8MP Selfie camera with Aura Screen Light allowing users to capture stunning portraits.

The sleek appearance of the Y21, an 8.0mm Super Slim body, and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, are some of the most favorite features of the consumers. Overall, it’s a perfect combination of design and power.

Affordable, Yet Voguish

The Y21 is popular among young people for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is its excellent features and low price. The youth demand a smartphone that can run fast has good storage, click HD pictures, and is stylish enough to complement their looks and Y21 offers exactly that.

vivo has packed all the luxury and premium features into an affordable smartphone range and Y21 is a perfect example of an all-rounder device that doesn’t hurt the pocket.

The vivo Y21 smartphone was released in Pakistan a few weeks ago, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Customers have reacted positively to the smartphone, praising all of the features offered by vivo.

Vivo Y21 Becomes Pakistanis’ Most Sought-After Device

A customer from Karachi said, “With Y21, vivo has made a great leap by providing premium features under an affordable range. The camera quality is really good as compared to other smartphones. Also, in terms of design and battery, vivo has always delivered beyond expectations”.

“People are in awe of the great features and price offers. The young generation is loving the design and camera quality and many working professionals love the storage and battery life. vivo is coming up with great devices to satisfy the needs of the customer,” shared a retailer from Lahore.

vivo has striven to deliver the best smartphones for all price ranges. Considering vivo’s excellent delivery, people can expect to see more innovative devices like the Y21 in the future.