Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S11 is due to launch in less than four months and the leaks are picking up the pace. Another beta code for the 2020 flagship surfaced on the internet revealing that the Korean giant is planning to add 8K video capture as well as new camera modes like Vertical Panorama, Director’s View, Night Hyper lapse, Single Take Photo, and custom filters.

The director’s view will allow users to switch between different camera lenses while shooting videos. Night hyper-lapse, on the other hand, will most probably be a combination of night mode and hyper-lapse. However, to use this feature user will have to keep the camera very still.

Single take photos, contrary to what the name suggests, will take a set of short videos and pictures while the user pans the camera.

Vertical panorama is exactly what the name suggests. You can take a vertical panorama using a horizontal panorama mode but the algorithm cannot properly stitch it. Hence, the new algorithm will allow users to take proper vertical panoramas.

Custom filter, on the other hand, is pretty confusing. We are not sure what it means but it will most likely allow users to turn pictures of choice into custom filters.

Apart from this, Ice universe, a famous tipster has announced that the upcoming flagship will not come with a waterfall display like the Galaxy Note 10.