Tecno recently launched the Camon 12 Air smartphone, which is not only affordable but extremely durable as well. The company sent the device over to ProPakistani for a durability test and we have thoroughly torture tested the phone.

The results of this durability test were shocking to say the least. Have a look.

Drop Test
The device was dropped from pocket height at first and received no damage at all, not even a single scratch. Then came chest height and head height drops, with Camon 12 Air acing the tests unscathed with the touchscreen functioning normally. However, it did receive some scratches after we dropped it while standing on top of a chair, however, the touchscreen was still fine.

Afterward, we tossed the phone from the top of a three-story building. It received more scratches and was slightly bent out of shape, but that was about the extent of the damage. The touchscreen still operated normally.

Car Crush Test Because Why Not
Finally, to finish things off, we took the phone through one of the most atrocious durability tests. The device was crushed under a car, which shattered the phone’s camera lens. The rest of the body took no more damage other than a slight flex.

It was then placed upside down and crushed once again, which finally cracked the phone’s screen. The back, however, stayed the same with the only damage being the destroyed camera lens.

It is highly likely that Tecno Mobile used a very tough plastic frame to protect the Camon 12 Air from cracking or shattering. In any case, the phone is one of the toughest we’ve seen and Tecno should definitely be praised for Camon 12 Air’s durability.

via Propk