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Feature phones usually confine users to the most basic functions of a phone such as texts, calls, alarms, etc. They are also commonly limited to lower internet speeds of 2G and 3G.

But this is changing, starting today, as QMobile is launching a revolutionary 4G feature phone with a price tag that’s going to be affordable for masses. We called it revolutionary for a couple of reasons – its price and the features that this phone will offer and we expect this phone to change the way feature phone owners use their phones.

With a price tag of under Rs. 4,000, the QMobile 4G Plus — that’s what they are calling the phone — will offer apps including Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, Twitter and more to the consumers.

More importantly, thanks to Kai Operating System on QMobile’s new 4G phone, it will have most features that any common smartphone has. By offering a better experience for YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp, the phone won’t feel like a feature phone.

Thanks to Kai OS, QMobile 4G Plus has features and apps normally found in smartphones such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Google Maps, etc. There are currently over 150 popular apps on the Kai Store and more are being introduced as time passes. It also has Google Assistant which allows for voice navigation and typing.

Not only this, there are reports that local players (such as Easypaisa) could soon launch apps on KaiOS and hence this newest QMobile feature phone will let the users transit from USSD codes to app usage without having them spend large amounts of modern smartphones with such apps.

Qmobile is Launching a 4G Phone That Costs Less Than Rs. 4,000

More importantly, Telenor has collaborated with QMobile to offer free unmetered 4G internet for three months. So anyone with QMobile 4G Plus and Telenor 4G Sim will be allowed to use unlimited 4G internet for three months.

This bundle offer by QMobile 4G Plus and free Telenor 4G internet for three months was a much-needed initiative as the move will eliminate the entry barrier for masses who want to adopt the 4G ecosystem at a price that was previously not possible.

While there are affordable 3G and 4G feature phones in the market already, they are priced at Rs. 5,200 or more — that’s just a few hundred rupees less than an entry level Android phone. So users had the option to opt for an entry-level Android phone — with very basic specs and awful experience — instead of going for a feature phone with 3G and 4G.

QMobile 4G Plus has increased this price gap, as a 4G feature phone is going to be at least 25-35% less expensive than an entry-level Android phone, making it easier, affordable and simpler for masses to adopt the 4G ecosystem.

Qmobile is Launching a 4G Phone That Costs Less Than Rs. 4,000

Other than cost as the entry barrier, there are older citizens who still prefer feature phones as they are simple to use and easier to handle.

QMobile 4G Plus will bring the best of both worlds with long-lasting battery life and much better durability than smartphones in an affordable solution that feels no less than a smartphone.

Expect more details and specs of the phone after its official launch later today.