In last few years, smartphone industry has witnessed enormous amount of technological advancement in terms of both design and specifications. From going all screen with minimum bezels to pop up camera mechanism, this industry has seen all. In the struggle to go full screen, favorite of all most users is punch-hole technology, a hole in the display having only the front camera.

According to the leaks surfacing online, Infinix S5 an upcoming smartphone from leading smartphone brand Infinix, will be equipped with punch hole technology packing a wholesome 32MP front camera. S5’s predecessor Infinix S4 featured the same 32MP camera however with Infinix S5, you will get a more improved version of it in terms of both software and hardware.

Infinix S4 camera was placed inside the waterdrop notch while this time with Infinix S5 you get an In-display selfie camera. Moreover the leaks further suggest that Infinix S5 unlike Infinix S4 will come with High Dynamic Range +. HDR+ enhances the image quality to its highest picture quality capacity. The technology also comes in handy when capturing brighter scenes. It increases the contrast level to differentiate objects from the background keeping the overall image well balanced and natural. Apart from HDR+, users will get different modes on Infinix S5 camera application such as 3D beauty mode, ar stickers, portrait mode and much more so that users can customize their special moments according to their own interest.

With 6.6” punch hole display technology, Infinix S5 will have a screen-to-body ratio of 90.5%. Previously in Infinix S4, the screen-to-body ratio was around 88%. Thanks to this notch-free technology, users can now enjoy a true full screen experience on S5. The display looks vibrant and crisp with perfectly balanced color hues and the contrast and the brightness level on this smartphone makes the display easily visible under direct sunlight as well.