Motorola’s foldable smartphone is expected to be announced on November 13. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the Motorola Razr will feature a clamshell design that folds vertically instead.

The design of the device has already been leaked in a set of official renders. Here is what it’s going to look like

The folded Motorola Razr will display date and time, text messages, and shortcuts for other apps including Spotify. This might be an indicator that the outside display will let you cycle through songs as well. It will also allow for selfies through the main camera.

The unfolded Razr has a tall aspect ratio with a display size that appears to be 6.2 inches. There is a wide notch at the top of the display, likely for the front camera and other sensors. It has a rather large chin, which houses a fingerprint sensor and will double up as a home button.

Additionally, the phone has also been spotted in public as well. Take a look:


There seems to be a USB C port at the bottom, but nothing next to it such as a speaker grille or headphone jack. There is also a thick black strip at the bottom of the display, indicating that it won’t have thin bezels like current-gen phones. The notch seems to be housing an earpiece.

It is rumored to have mid-range specifications, which is quite underwhelming for an expected price tag of $1500. The design and specifications will be confirmed during Motorola’s press event on November 13.

Watch this space for more on the foldable Moto Razr smartphone.