With the launch of Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro, Xiaomi has offered some of the best value for money in the entire market. The recent launch of the 8th Series of Redmi Note has broken many records and has set new heights of success in the market. Although Xiaomi has showcased many new features in the Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro, there are still some features that set it apart from its competitors.

Auto Cleaning

Xiaomi has introduced auto cleaning speaker technology on the Redmi Note 8 series that purges obstructions and dust from the speaker cavity with the help of low-frequency sound waves, around 800 Hz.

Xiaomi has become the very first company in the market to offer this feature on mobile phones. This technology will not only increase the reliability of speakers but the sound quality will remain consistent as well.

It is proven that dust particles are harmful to your mobile phones and with this technology users can remove all the dust within seconds, this feature shows Xiaomi’s commitment towards its product and its customers. The Redmi Note 8 can be purchased on Mistore.pk.

Other Features

Redmi Note 8 Pro comes with Liquid Cool technology that decreases the temperatures by 4-6 degrees to ensure smooth gameplay, this is the first time Xiaomi has brought this technology to a Redmi Note series device. Redmi Note series devices are well known for their battery capacity, Redmi Note 8 Pro takes it a step forward with a 4500mAh battery, which is an almost 11% increase when compared to its predecessor.


All the products come with an exceptional warranty from Smartlink Technologies. Smartlink Technologies is the official partner of Xiaomi in Pakistan.