When it comes to photography, there are plenty of tips, tricks, and hacks that can help you take your camera skills to the next level. From sticking to the golden hour for portraits to using a water droplet on your camera lens for breathtaking macro shots, possibilities are endless.

Such techniques can easily turn ordinary scenes into creative, artistic masterpieces that really stand out.

vivo, a leading global smartphone brand, together with ZEISS, a global leader in optics and optoelectronics, has taken a step ahead in delivering the ultimate mobile photography experience. vivo has enlightened the local audience with the X70 Pro –a charismatic handset with an alluring camera setup that provides professional-grade images with a single tap.

The X70 Pro comes with an Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Camera with Gimbal Stabilization 3.0 that captures steady images or videos in dynamic motion and a newly added ZEISS T Coating significantly improves the camera performance in low light, producing clearer and brighter photographs restoring the natural colors of the subject.

Night Photography

The fun starts when the sun goes down! There are plenty of things to capture, varying from lamp-illuminated streets to shots of the moon and the night sky. But how often do you end up shooting in the dark, with nothing on your screen, just hoping the photo will turn out right after post-processing?

Well, we won’t be doing that anymore! With the X70 Pro’s Real-Time Extreme Night Vision, what you see is what you get.

Real-Time Extreme Night Vision works in tandem with other innovative features like Super Night Video and Pure Night View to reduce noise in the frame and take the perfect shot. Now you can enjoy greater freedom in night photography and easily apply the rule of thirds to capture the perfect shot!

At the same time, the Night Mode implements two new super-useful features. First, it automatically adjusts the exposure for brighter photos, and second, it displays the time required for clicking a successful night photo right on the screen, making photography more fun, intuitive, and convenient.


Whether you’re making a road trip video from your car or capturing the surreal environment during a trek, motion capture is always a challenging task. But, if done right, it can be tremendously rewarding. The best way to make your videos stand out is by capturing what interests you, putting your own unique twist to it, and just having fun.

VIS 5-Axis Ultra Stable Video in X70 Pro supports video stabilization with 5 axes, making video creation super fun and easy.

This breakthrough innovation combines the gimbal camera auto retraction to achieve a significant increase in super stabilization effect that improves the equivalent stabilization angle while capturing faraway subjects and stabilizes frame size by cropping and shrinking (keeping the original frame size wider). The feature is ideal for outdoor travel, sports activities, etc.

Now one can capture the entire journey of skydiving with utmost clarity by mounting the phone on their helmet. Even with the power of VIS 5-Axis Ultra Stable video, the Pro cinematic mode feature can maximize the control and adjustment of various video parameters and shoot cinematic grade professional videos with higher controllability.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is a great place to start out as a photographer. It often helps the photographer highlight the subject’s emotions of happiness, grief, cheerfulness, and much more.

vivo has added three ground-breaking ZEISS Style Portrait features in X70 Pro inspired by the iconic, classical lenses, Distagon, Planar, and Sonnar, for the ultimate portrait photography experience.

  • Distagon” style gives off an anamorphic look, a dynamic perspective for critical architecture and interior photography that exudes Hollywood filmmaking aesthetics.
  • Planar” adaption introduces classic bokeh effects, revealing true characteristics and conveying genuine expressions through portrait photography. The Sharp-edged flares, relatively messy bokeh, heightened cat’s eye effects are well created through this feature.
  • Sonnar” mode is known for its creamy bokeh, making it well suited for portraiture with depth and clarity to document authentic events.
Close-up Photography

Close-up shots are an excellent way of showing your subject in a completely new light. They put the focus entirely on the subject, displaying details that may have previously been unseen, like the minute wrinkles on a person’s face or the gears of a wristwatch.

The X70 Pro presents the 8MP Periscope Camera that uses the zooming algorithm to reach 60X Hyper Zoom to allow shots from a distance while maintaining the quality of the resultant image. You can now click stunning shots of the bright full moon or a far-flung standing animal in the wild with just a tap of a button.


X70 Pro is created to be a high-end flagship that delivers a premium experience with a top-notch vivo-ZEISS co-engineered system for professional-grade photography. The smartphone provides photographers, content creators, and creative professionals with an admirable tool to be creative, capture special moments and share their work/art with others.