It is finally official. Google has confirmed the launch date for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, both of which will launch on October 19 via the Pixel Fall Launch event. We heard about this date several times through leaks but it has finally been officialized by Google.

This will likely be Google’s first Pixel-only event since the company has always launched other products alongside its previous Pixel phones. The landing page for this announcement also shows off the UI changes coming to Android 12. Holding down the spacebar on this page shows different UI elements of Android 12.

Check it out for yourself through this link.

Google Pixel 6 Confirmed to Launch on October 19

We will likely see a launch date for Android 12 for Pixel devices at this event. The new OS is already out on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and Google promised to release it to Pixel phones “in a few weeks”. This Pixel launch event is exactly a few weeks after Android 12’s AOSP launch.

As for other Android phones, Android 12 will launch several weeks or months after Google Pixel devices. This mostly depends on how fast third-party OEMs prepare and release new OS updates.

As for the Pixel 6, it is going to feature Google’s custom Tensor chip with high-end AI capabilities, new and fancy Samsung camera sensors, high refresh rate displays, bigger batteries, and more.