Foldable phones have come a long way in the past 2 years. The original Samsung Galaxy Fold had a rough launch, but the latest model in the series, the Z Fold 3, is now one of the strongest foldable phones on the market.
It can even survive a few drops on a concrete slab. The video below shows how it went:
The inner plastic screen did much better than expected. Even after dropping face-first multiple times, the main screen barely took any damage and worked absolutely fine each time. The outer screen, however, survived the first drop but got cracked the second time. Though it worked without any hiccups even through the cracks.
This makes Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 more durable than even the Galaxy S21 Ultra, though you should still put on a case and screen protector on it to be safe.
The hinge proved to be sturdy as well as it survived multiple drops without taking any damage. The frame and rear panel, however, got badly cracked by the end so putting on protection is always recommended.