Smartphone companies experiment with next-generation technology all the time and Huawei is no exception. The Chinese brand has patented a smartphone with a rollable display, which is not exactly a new concept, but there is also support for air gestures on this one.

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As always, the patent report comes from LetsGoDigital, which also provided renders and illustrations for the device.

Huawei Patents a Smartphone With a Rollable Display and Air Gestures

This Huawei patent describes the rolling mechanism of an extendable display, similar to previous concepts we have seen from TCL, Samsung, LG, etc. You can either pull out the display with touch movements or hand gestures on the screen which Huawei describes as “freehand gesture control”. This will likely be powered by a camera or motion sensors, or both.

There will be a virtual slider displayed on the screen to help roll the display in or out. It will also be paired with a haptic feedback system and audio cues. You can simply swipe right on the display to roll it out and swipe left on the extended display to retract it.

Huawei Patents a Smartphone With a Rollable Display and Air Gestures

But that is only the beginning as Huawei plans to allow users to even control the speed of rolling the display. You can do so by holding different numbers of fingers in the air in front of the display and it will change the display’s rolling speed accordingly (as shown in the illustration above).

However, since it is only a patent, there is no guarantee that we will ever see such a device in the market. This is because companies work on unfinished ideas all the time, and patents often never make it to a finished product.