Samsung continues to push the boundaries of smartphone photography and has done it once again with its latest smartphone camera. The company has announced the ISOCELL HP1, which is the world’s first 200MP camera sensor with several improvements onboard.

Samsung Announces the World’s First 200MP Smartphone Camera
The ISOCELL HP1 has a native pixel size of 0.64μm. Its new ChameleonCell technology enables full pixel rendering with 2×2 and 4×4 pixel binning. It can capture 50MP images with 2×2 binning and 12.5MP images in the 4×4 binning mode. As for videos, it is capable of capturing 8K clips at 30 FPS.
Samsung Announces the World’s First 200MP Smartphone Camera

Additionally, Samsung has also announced the ISOCELL GN5 for mid-range devices. It is a slim 50MP sensor with improved focus capabilities. It has a native pixel size of 1μm and supports 12.5MP images with 2×2 binning in low light conditions. Samsung says that it’s equipped with Front Deep Trench Isolation technology to allow the sensor to absorb as much light as possible while reducing graining.

Just like the ISOCELL HP1, the GN5 can also record 8k videos at 30 FPS. Samsung has not detailed what devices will get these sensors first, but it is clear that the HP1 is meant for next-generation flagship phones, while the GN5 will power more affordable phones.

Other than Samsung, Xiaomi is usually one of the first companies to use new Samsung camera sensors, so we expect to see it on upcoming Redmi and Xiaomi phones.