Just a day after the unveiling, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 has already been disassembled on video courtesy of Chinese tech blogger Robin. The video details the inner workings of the Mi Mix 4 and shows how the under-screen camera looks like from the inside.

The rear panel is made out of ceramic and it uses a thin metal frame to separate itself from the rest of the body.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Teardown Shows How the Under Screen Camera Works

The upper portion of the phone consists of the massive camera setup, the SoC, the memory, the logic boards, the sensors, and the 5G antennas. The middle portion holds the wireless charging coil, the dual-cell battery, and the NFC antenna. Finally, the bottom consists of the USB C port, the vibration motor, and the loudspeaker.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Teardown Shows How the Under Screen Camera Works

The under-screen camera hole can be seen on the display when it’s held against a strong light. This shows two visible openings. The circular hole near the top is the selfie camera which is able to see through a special arrangement of pixels that lets light pass through. The other square-shaped cutout allows less light to pass through as it is meant for the proximity and ambient light sensors which need less light.

The Mi Mix 4 handles thermals quite well and that is because the phone is covered with several heat dissipation sheets and the SoC is covered with thermal paste as well. The phone is able to maintain an average body temperature below 40C even after an hour of playing games.

You can check out the link below for the full teardown video.

Source: Weibo