Samsung has a 200MP camera in the works which is expected to feature on the Xiaomi Mi 12 and the Galaxy S22. This main camera may be accompanied by a 50MP RGBW camera, as per the latest report from the popular tipster Ice Universe.

If his claim is to be believed, both of these sensors should be announced sometime in September. Since the tipster has a good track record with leaks, the rumored launch date is likely to be true.

A standard RGB sensor consists of red, green, and blue light filters. Samsung’s new RGBW sensor will add a white LED to the mix which will assist with pure white light. This should allow for improved highlight rendition in high-contrast scenes and better color accuracy.

We already know how an RGBW sensor performs in practice as the Huawei P8 was one of the first phones to feature it back in 2015. This sensor was on top of a 13MP camera with nowhere near flagship quality, but its images still came out crisp and clear.

Since Samsung’s 50MP RGBW sensor will feature on flagship phones, we expect to see stunning photos with low noise even in low light settings.

If Xiaomi and Samsung follow the same schedule as last year then we should be seeing the Mi 12 and Galaxy S22 in December and January respectively.