BlackBerry teamed up with Onward Mobility in August 2020 to produce new BlackBerry smartphones, but we’ve heard nothing but promises since then. That may be changing soon as the company has announced a new pre-commitment program, hinting that a BlackBerry smartphone may be arriving soon.

This newly launched program is actually a subscription list for partners and fans who want to get “product, feature, and availability updates” before the general public. Onward Mobility’s website says that these subscribers will also be able to provide direct input to the company and influence features and functionality.

Subscribers will also be able to pre-order BlackBerry products and be the first few to receive a phone.

However, the biggest highlight on this webpage is that a 5G BlackBerry phone is coming soon, though it does not share any product details.

BlackBerry is Making a Comeback Soon With Onward Mobility

Onward Mobility is known for its software security but lacks experience and expertise when it comes to mobile hardware. That is why it is turning to hardware and telecom partners who know the market better.

As mentioned earlier, there is little to no information available on BlackBerry’s upcoming 5G phones, but since a launch appears to be imminent now, we expect to hear more soon.