OnePlus recently became a part of the Oppo brand, but still continues to operate independently. This announcement raised a lot of questions in the OnePlus community, such as what would happen to the beloved Oxygen OS.

The Chinese brand finally has an answer to this question. OnePlus has announced that it is integrating Oxygen OS with Color OS with the aim of leveraging the vast amount of resources available to Oppo.

OnePlus is Merging Its Software With Oppo’s UI

Oppo has access to a much bigger pool of resources and a significantly larger technology platform and OnePlus hopes to utilize this in hopes to ensure its products receive stable and timely updates.

However, keep in mind that this integration may go completely unnoticed by everyone. This is because it will not affect the overall interface or usage of the OS, but the codebase of Oxygen OS instead. This codebase will simply be integrated with Color OS, giving OnePlus access to a more capable team of developers and a treasure trove of R&D resources.

OnePlus assures that all of its phones will still run on Oxygen OS, but on a more stable and stronger platform. Upcoming OnePlus phones will boot the new version of Oxygen OS and older phones will receive the OTA update alongside the Android 12 update.

Another major announcement from OnePlus was that its flagship phones will get three years’ worth of Android updates and 4 years of security updates. Its mid-range and budget phones, such as the OnePlus Nord series, will get two major Android updates and three years of security updates.