Samsung Galaxy S21 FE was originally expected to launch alongside the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 2 sometime in July/August, but it was delayed due to supply issues. Some reports even said that it won’t become official in 2021, but a new leak suggests otherwise.

Korean media reports that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is going to launch in October this year, but in a limited supply. This is because the S21 FE allegedly features some new technology, but its components are in limited supply at the moment.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is Launching in October

The report adds that the phone will only launch in the US and Europe at first and will make its way to the rest of the world later on. It will not be released in Korea or Japan, as per the report.

Samsung did consider stopping the production entirely at one point but decided against it in favor of releasing it in two regions at first. However, even in these two regions, it will be in limited supply at first.

The report has also said that this is only one of the solutions that is being considered, meaning that the fate of the S21 FE is still not decided.

We are yet to see any official word from Samsung for a release date, so we recommend taking this info with a grain of salt.