A few years ago, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo created the Mutual Transfer Alliance (MTA) to standardize wireless file transfer between different devices. The feature went live after months of beta testing.

Since then, several companies have joined MTA including OnePlus, Meizu, ZTE, Asus, and others. This list now includes Samsung as well.

Samsung joining the Chinese alliance is a major deal since its the biggest phone maker in the world, which should bring a large number of supported devices into the program. Samsung already has its own wireless file transfer standard called Quick Share, which was launched as a replacement for Android Beam and Google’s Nearby Share.

Samsung Joins Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo’s Wireless File Transfer Standard

Samsung also released a Windows 10 app earlier this year as part of its partnership with Microsoft.

This does not mean that Quick Share is going to be replaced. Its more likely that Samsung devices and apps (including the Windows app) will be updated to support MTA, adding compatibility with a large number of devices that have MTA already. The company is yet to announce when the update will be rolled out widely.

This would be a major blow to Google which recently announced Nearby Share support for Chrome OS and Windows 10 devices through the Chrome browser.