Over the past few years, Samsung has been working on underscoring its potential with Galaxy-themed smartphones and for that, the company partnered with Sirin labs. For those who don’t know, Sirin Labs is a cybersecurity firm that designs security-focused smartphones.

Here’s Why This Ordinary Looking Samsung Galaxy S21 Costs Over $2,000

In light of the collaboration, the security firm has launched a smartphone dubbed Sirin V3 equipped with the highest level of security features. The handset is basically a rebadged Samsung Galaxy S21 that is available right away on the Sirin website.

It costs much more than what the original Samsung Galaxy S21 does. Moreover, the Sirin V3 does not come with any hardware changes except for a few enhanced military-grade security features and apps pre-installed by Sirin Labs.

What’s New?
In terms of hardware and design, the handset is identical to the Samsung Galaxy S21. However, it comes with several security-oriented features. The smartphone supports the Dual-Personal feature that will enable users to seamlessly switch between a personal mode and a confidential workspace mode. With this, users can install apps from Google Play Store using the personal mode. The installation will be backed by enhanced protection against viruses and malware.

Here’s Why This Ordinary Looking Samsung Galaxy S21 Costs Over $2,000

In addition to this, users can also restrict whitelist or blacklist apps under the personal mode and disallow several activities that could be risky including keyboard replacement, USB debugging, Safe Mode, Factory Reset, and Download-Mode on boot.

There is another mode called ‘Space Mode’ that offers military-grade encrypted calls. In this mode voice recording and several other activities that can potentially expose the device to security breaches are disabled.

Pricing and Availability

The new handset is available for sale on the Sirin website and costs $2,650. For comparison, the original S21 costs $799.