Chinese display maker BOE had a busy day at the International Display Technology Conference (ICDT 2021) held in Beijing today. The company showed a number of new display technologies and one of these were a flexible sliding OLED display.

Details on this new display technology are scarce and BOE only showed the outer mechanism of the panel. It had an outer bending rate radius of 4mm and a dynamic scrolling frequency. The display does not have a visible crease either, which is quite the advantage over current generation foldable displays.

This looks quite similar to the Oppo X 2021 concept phone with a rolling display and that is no coincidence since BOE was confirmed to be Oppo’s display supplier. We’ve also seen this form factor on LG’s concept phone but that ended up getting canceled since the company dropped out of the smartphone business.

TCL’s rolling display concept also used a similar form factor.

BOE Showcases a Sliding Display at the ICDT Conference

Other than the sliding display, BOE also showed off a Micro LED panel with a peak brightness of a whopping 10,000 nits and a 360Hz refresh rate. This level of refresh rate is used on professional gaming monitors. It also has a 1ms fast grayscale response time.

The company hasn’t mentioned when we’ll see either of these displays in the market so don’t hold your breath. We’ll update this space as soon as we hear more from BOE.