Samsung was one of the first companies to develop Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) which is able to fold safely without breaking. The company has now made the decision to supply the foldable display to Google and other companies.

Samsung is currently the only supplier of UTG and has decided to expand its business by providing to others. One of the companies to receive UTG from Samsung is Google, which suggests that the foldable Pixel will use UTG and a flexible AMOLED panel from Samsung.

An earlier rumor claimed that the foldable Pixel would have a disappearing under-display front camera similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, possibly using the same technology as Samsung.

Samsung Will Supply Foldable Displays to Google and Other Phone Makers

Samsung plans to open up its UTG supply by the second half of this year, but Google may not be the first one to hop on board. There are rumors that other major names including Xiaomi and Huawei are also interested in UTG.

This is the same as Samsung’s AMOLED display panels for phones which were originally exclusive to Samsung phones but are now available on a wide variety of brands today. This means that we can expect foldable phones to become more common going into 2022.