Pakistan’s development is not “coming”. It’s here already.

Samsung has officially started producing smartphones in Pakistan, starting with its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S21 FE. This development was spotted by several users online and one of them is a Twitter user Aneel Iqbal who shared the image on the social network.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung has not started manufacturing all the components in Pakistan yet. Major components are still produced overseas in Samsung’s large-scale factories in Vietnam, China, Korea, and other key locations. These components are simply assembled in Pakistan.

Regardless, this is still a major achievement for Pakistan as we are one step closer to getting cheaper phones in the country with better customer support. Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and a few other major brands are working on producing key components in Pakistan as well. Xiaomi and Oppo already have a few locally assembled phones in the country such as the Redmi 10 series.

Samsung made this possible through a joint venture with Lucky Motors Corporation, which is an automobile manufacturer and a sub-brand to Kia Motors. Lucky Motors Co is also responsible for officially introducing Kia vehicles in Pakistan.