The Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 is about to become official soon and detailed leaks are starting to become more common. These leaks suggest that there will be three Mi Pad 5 models, with a potential fourth one, but that may be a Redmi tablet instead.

The Mi Pad 5 and Mi Pad 5 Pro are rumored to feature the Snapdragon 870 chip with 67W fast charging on top of 8,750 mAh batteries. The Pro sibling will have 5G connectivity and a 48MP main camera, while the base model will be limited to WiFi with a 12MP main camera.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Will Have Three Models With SD870 and SD860

All three tablets will have the same 10.9” IPS LCD with 2,560 x 1,600 px resolution and stylus support. The screen refresh rate will be 120Hz, but the touch sampling rate will be 240Hz. The stylus will have support for 4,096 levels of pressure and will be slotted into the keyboard cover we saw in 3D renders in previous reports.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Will Have Three Models With SD870 and SD860

The third model, the Mi Pad 5 Lite, is expected to sport the Snapdragon 860 with WiFi-only connectivity. Rumors suggest that fast charging speeds will be cut down to 33W and this report was later confirmed by the tablet’s 3C certification.

All three tablets will boot MIUI 12.5 despite launching in August, which is when MIUI 13 is expected to be announced.

The fourth tablet, which is the potential Redmi tablet, will be the cheapest in the series. It will either come with the Snapdragon 768G or the Dimensity 1200 with 22.5W fast charging. Not much is known about this tablet yet.

We will update this space as soon as a launch date is confirmed.