The uncertainty regarding COVID-19 has not only increased the level of apprehension amongst the general public, but misinformation has made matters worse. Spreading awareness about the pandemic has never been more important.

Nayatel in collaboration with Cesvi and Helvetas has come forward to further this cause.

TransPeshawar (BRT Peshawar) will now be using Nayatel’s Digital Signage solution to display COVID-19 awareness campaigns on BRT Stations LED screens. The big idea is to create awareness regarding the COVID-19 SOPs, vaccination benefits, and recollection of the steps that have been taken and have proved to be successful in the fight against the pandemic.

Nayatel’s Digital Signage Solution will allow TransPeshawar to display static/dynamic content on the TV Screens at BRT Stations with the push of a button via a centralized content management system for their general footfall of customers.

In an MoU signing ceremony between Cesvi, Helvetas, and Nayatel held at the Cesvi office in Islamabad, all three partners stressed the need to use digital transformation platforms to provide information to the general public regarding pandemics and other causes that need to be dealt with at the national level.

Nayatel had previously deployed its Digital Signage solution at Shifa International Hospital and Giga Mall. It can be said that Digital Signage is going to prove itself as a replacement for billboards and other conventional marketing mediums in the years to come.