LG Displays have introduced innovative uses of transparent OLED screens, with its versatile design solutions that will be showcased at the CES 2022. This includes the OLED Shelf, Shopping Managing Showcase, Show Window, and Smart Window. These products are merely concept pieces that other companies can adopt and introduce to the market at a later stage.

OLED Shelf

The OLED Shelf (top image) consists of two 55-inch transparent OLED displays on top of each other that blend right into your living room.

Due to its design, the bottom screen can be configured to exhibit artwork, while the larger top screen can be used as a regular TV. The screen also features an Always-on Display, showing the time or an image of your choice. So, if you were to display a piece of art, this would allow it to stay put just like an actual painting, all the while blending into the wall behind it.

If looked at closely, you’ll find room to put an actual artwork behind the bottom screen as well, but it would only be visible when the screen is off.

Shopping Managing Showcase

While the OLED Shelf is built for living rooms, LG Display claims that its Shopping Managing Showcase is meant for supermarkets. In terms of design, you’ll find a transparent OLED display fitted inside a sleek wooden frame that showcases the products on sale.

LG to Show Off More Transparent OLED Screens at CES 2022


It adds an overlay to the items behind it, which hints that store owners can add graphics to highlight their products, or even use the display to provide funky visual effects. The concept behind the Shopping Managing Showcase seems to promise a futuristic shopping experience.

Display Show Window

Among other products, LG Display decided to give us a glimpse of its Show Window as well.

This concept serves a similar purpose as the Shopping Managing Showcase, though on a relatively larger scale. The Show Window essentially combines four 55″ transparent OLED displays to create a big, freely-standing window, that can display advertisements, digital text, and personalized messages to attract customers.

LG to Show Off More Transparent OLED Screens at CES 2022


As per the company claims, versions of this tech are already on display at the new Musinsa fashion store in Seoul, the art exhibitions at The Smithsonian, 180 The Strand in London, inside some subway car windows in China, and Japan, and a Bulgarian fashion show.

Smart Window

The company also showed off its Smart Window, another transparent OLED screen for official or professional use i.e., video calls or presentations in the office, however, no images of this concept have been shared as of yet.

According to LG Display, the technology can replace the standard window panels in conference rooms to enhance productivity as well as increase employee engagement. Since it’s transparent, the screens will let enough light in, while also serving as a medium to show presentations, hold video meetings, and for entertainment.

LG Display has been rolling out a lot of flexible OLED screen solutions lately. Following this trend, it has launched another out of the box concept i.e., their new Media Chair, which combines an OLED TV with a half-moon-shaped recliner to provide a rather comfortable viewing experience, and even more recently, it showed off a transparent TV screen mounted to the foot of a bed.

Though quite impressive, unfortunately, these are just concept pieces that might never make it to the actual consumer market. Any further details on these products will be revealed on January 4 at CES 2022.