ARM is planning to launch a flagship mobile GPU in 2022 that is said to be about 30% faster than the current Mali G710. This was announced by ARM’s senior technical director of the company’s machine learning business during a developer summit.

It is worth mentioning that the Mali G710 already brought a 35% jump in computing power compared to its predecessor, which is an impressive feat.

The name of this new GPU was not revealed, but the company has promised a major performance leap. In addition to the 30% increase in raw computing power, the new ARM GPU is claimed to be more efficient for machine learning tasks and will feature FP32 4.7 times greater than the Mali-G76.

ARM’s New Mobile GPU Will be 30% Faster With Ray Tracing Support

This new GPU was made possible thanks to a joint venture between ARM, MediaTek, and Tencent Games. As a result of this collaboration, ARM was able to develop a GPU capable of ray tracing on smartphones. Though the best part is that this tech can easily be ported to other platforms and ecosystems.

It appears that ARM’s new GPU is shaping up to be a rival to Samsung’s upcoming Exynos chipset that will flaunt an AMD GPU. Samsung recently showcased how this new Exynos chip will be capable of ray tracing on mobile phones.

Neither of these chips is expected to arrive until early 2022, so stay tuned for updates.