The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2021 kicked off this week and Qualcomm was the first to make a major announcement. The chipmaker has unveiled the highly anticipated Snapdragon 888+, a new flagship chipset with higher clock speeds and improved AI.

This chip is expected to power top-of-the-line smartphones in late 2021, especially gaming phones.

This chipset is mostly the same as the original Snapdragon 888 launched back in December. However, the prime CPU core has been boosted to 3GHz, and the AI engine now performs 20% better than before.

The Snapdragon 888+’s sixth-gen Qualcomm Hexagon 780 AI processor can now deliver 32TOPS, up from 26TOPS on the base Snapdragon 888.

The rest of the specifications remain unchanged including the Adreno 660 GPU, Snapdragon X60 5G modem with 7.5 Gbps top DL speed, and FastConnect 6900. This enables faster WiFi speeds for when you don’t want to rely on mobile data.

As always, several major companies have already announced their plans to use Qualcomm chipsets. Xiaomi, Asus, Motorola, and Vivo have confirmed to launch devices powered by the Snapdragon 888+ soon.

The first few devices with this chipset are expected to launch during Q3 2021. We expect other companies to jump the bandwagon soon.