German optics company Zeiss is popular for its digital cameras and its collaborations with smartphone companies. The brand name can often be seen on smartphone cameras such as Nokia, Huawei, Sony, and we might start seeing it on more phones soon.

The Chinese subsidiary of the company called Zeiss China partnered with Vivo to power its X60 series of smartphones. This was done to expand Zeiss’s digital footprint in the smartphone market, which is part of the company’s bigger plans.

Zeiss Wants to Expand in the Smartphone Camera Market

Maximilian Foerst, President and Managing Director of Zeiss China has said that the company is committed to developing mobile imaging technology and is looking forward to the great potential of this dynamic market. He added that imaging technology will act as a key factor in the global mobile market worldwide.

Vivo and Zeiss are also working together to set up a research and development program which will be called the Vivo Zeiss Imaging Lab. This program will be responsible for developing and co-engineering optical components for Vivo phone cameras in its flagship devices. It will also be focused on developing innovative solutions for smartphone camera tech.