Panasonic has launched an updated model to the Lumix GH5 camera with a revised set of specifications and other upgrades. The new Lumix GH5 II is now officially available in some markets and the company has also teased the upcoming GH6 camera.

Panasonic Launches The More Affordable Lumix GH5 II Camera

Thanks to a new Venus Engine processor, the Lumix GH5 2 is now capable of recording 4K 60 FPS videos in 10 bit, up from 8 bit on the base GH5. It can also output the same video quality to an external recorder. The new processor allows for better autofocusing as well.

It comes with a V-Log profile pre-installed which was a paid feature in the original GH5. This lets you color to match other Panasonic cameras with ease. There are also new presets onboard to quickly start recording videos the way you want.

The main 20.3MP Micro Four Thirds sensor is the same as the GH5, but this one brings an anti-reflective coating which should reduce the amount of flare around bright objects.

The GH5 2 can live stream to YouTube or Facebook directly through the camera and all you need is a stable WiFi or a phone’s data connection.

Panasonic Launches The More Affordable Lumix GH5 II Camera

Other upgrades include an improved built-in image stabilizer and a higher resolution display that is also brighter outdoors. However, this display is slightly smaller than the previous generation.

Connectivity options have not changed either, except you now get a USB C port with USB-PD charging instead of a micro USB port.

Despite all these upgrades, the Panasonic Lumix GH5 2 is launching for $400 lower than the original GH5, starting at $1699.