Only a few days into 2022, LG has already announced its new lineup of OLED TVs for the year. The Korean display maker is adding new screen sizes, more brightness, and a handful of new features such as better picture quality, user profiles, and more.

Thanks to LG’s latest A9 processor, the new TVs will be capable of better 4K upscaling, better tone mapping, and improve depth sensing for subject separation. As for the screen, LG is using its OLED “Evo” panels it introduced in 2021. It will be a part of the G2 series and the mainstream C2 lineup.

LG Has Announces New OLED TVs With Upgrades Across The Board

LG says that the G2 family will have better peak brightness than the C2 thanks to brightness booster algorithms and will also have better heat dissipation. The C2 will be better than the CX from two years ago.

These TVs are also lighter than before since LG has used a new composite fiber material in their construction. The new 65-inch C2 is nearly half the weight of the C1. This should make for much easier unboxing and setting up.

The C series is getting a new 42-inch OLED which, according to LG, should be perfect for small bedrooms, offices, and gamers in tight setups. Previously, the smallest LG OLED was 48-inches. The tech giant has also added an enormous 97-inch 4K model for the G series which is now its largest OLED TV.

LG G2 OLED: Available in 97, 83, 77, 65, and 55-inch sizes.

LG C2 OLED: Available in 83, 77, 65, 55, 48, and 42-inch sizes.

As always, there are features for gamers too such as 120Hz 4K support with HDMI 2.1 as well as variable refresh rates, auto low latency mode, and so on. LG is also introducing a feature called the “room to room share” which will temporarily let you send a feed from one TV to another in a different room.

LG Has Announces New OLED TVs With Upgrades Across The Board

Further details including pricing and availability will be shared later on once the new OLED TVs are ready to go for sale.