Steam’s Remote Play Together feature has finally gone live for all Steam users. The feature emulates the experience of playing local multiplayer games with a bunch of friends on a couch by allowing users to play split-screen or shared screen games over the internet. It streams your screen over to a friend while capturing their input and streaming it back to you.


Remote Play Together allows for a group of up to 4 friends to play together as if they were in the same room. Once logged into the game, all users can talk to one another via voice chat. Only the host needs to own the game, while the other three can easily join in using Steam Remote Play.

The feature has support for PC, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, just make sure to grab the Steam Link mobile app.

Valve is celebrating this launch by hosting a Steam sale that includes significant discounts for over a hundred games that work with Remote Play Together. Some of the games on the list include Crawl for $3.49, Domiverse for $3.24, Frog Climbers for $1.74 and many more.

You can view the full list of games on the Steam Store.