Sony’s next console, the Playstation 5, has just got its potential design revealed through a leaked development kit.

A Twitter user named @Alcoholikaust has tweeted an image that shows 2 development kits for the PlayStation 5 side by side.


The large V-shaped design follows suit with previously published patents that showed an identical appearance. Sames goes for the controllers as their appearance aligns perfectly with what the patents outlined earlier.

However, their design doesn’t differ much from PS4’s iteration, but they are reportedly bringing a variety of new features for a better immersive experience.

As for the text showing on the LED display, zooming in on it is fruitless as images on twitter are heavily processed.

Furthermore, these devices have been confirmed to be devkits through Tom Warren from The Verge

According to Warren, the heat vents are lined up on the sides and the center to help stack multiple kits together. The stacking is apparently used by developers for carrying out stress tests on multiple devices.

Do keep in mind that devkits don’t necessarily reveal what the console will ultimately look like when released. History has proven that devkits are usually nothing like the retail versions of consoles.

The Sony PlayStation 5 is expected to be announced in summer 2020 and released in December of the same year.

Feature image via LetsGoDigital.