PUBG’s loot crates have been a long-standing headache for players. This is because the current system rewards players with crates that are either completely free or require real currency to open. The chance of players getting either of these crates is completely random and the community has been complaining about this for quite a while.

PUBG Corp finally seems to have heard all the complaints and is bringing in a new loot crate system soon. This update will remove money requiring locked crates from the random pool of crates, which means players will only get free crate drops upon spending BPs.

Locked crates, on the other hand, will now have a higher chance of dropping mid-tier rarity loot. Top tier skins will be less rare and Assault Rifle skins will become more common than they used to be. The new update will also improve the visual quality of loot obtained from paid loot crates.

Right now, PUBG Corp has only decreased the likelihood of getting paid loot crates through BP purchases. The change that will completely remove paid loot boxes from the BP system will go in full effect on December 18. It is not clear whether this is specific to mobile or consoles/PC, so it is likely that it will be available everywhere.

The first crate that will be released under this new loot crate system will be the Venetian Crate, which includes a variety of weapon skins. Existing paid loot crates will still be unlockable and open for trade in the marketplace.