Cloud gaming has started becoming a lot more popular since major players including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Nvidia joined the fray. Korean tech giant Samsung is now looking to grab a slice of that pie as well.

The phone maker recently hosted the Samsung Developer Conference yesterday where it announced that cloud gaming is coming to its Tizen Smart TVs soon.

Samsung is Adding Cloud Gaming Support to its Smart TVs

Unfortunately, Samsung has not revealed any details on its Cloud Gaming Platform, so we don’t know what sort of games it will support or how it will work. However, the company did reveal some of its future plans for its Tizen lineup of Smart TVs.

Samsung says that it’s partnering with Google for better video calling with AI-powered zoom and focus features. Webcams on Samsung TVs will be able to analyze a user’s movement during a workout and provide real-time feedback. Further, Samsung will also add HDR10+ support and low latency modes for a better gaming experience.

The company is launching “Tizen for Business” soon which will act as interactive e-boards for schools as well as displays in restaurants, airports, train stations, etc. Businesses will be able to monitor these displays in real-time and apply different settings with simple controls.

Last but not the least, Samsung is also licensing Tizen to other TV manufacturers which should allow other companies to launch premium Tizen TVs with minimal cost. This will not only help other companies but also aid in popularizing Tizen around the world.